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Perhaps you have woken up this morning and realized that your kids are growing up and you have a full / half day with more time for you. You ask yourself, What do I really want to be doing with my new found time?”

Or.. you’ve been working at the same career and feel that it’s not in alignment with your true passion and purpose. Or… you were living someone else’s dream and expectations and not your own?

You realize that you have given all your time, energy, and focus to your family and/or your career. Your gut is telling you that there’s something more for you in the future and you’ve been ignoring it for too long!

It’s time to start prioritizing yourself but you lack the energy, confidence and self-esteem to move forward.
In fact, you are not even sure what to do next! Oftentimes you say to yourself I wish I wasn’t stuck! And you think to yourself when WAS the last time I even thought about my own goals and passions for life?

Perhaps you are thinking it will take too much time away from your current obligations and maybe it’s “too late” to start something new!
I take women in mid-life from feeling like they are stuck to finding the confidence to prioritize themselves without the guilt so they can embrace the journey they are meant to experience!

We find your SECOND CHAPTER in life!

There is so much potential for magic in midlife.

When you are 35+ and it doesn’t take much to grab it.

I won my Mrs. Bangalore Superwoman 2019 crown when I was 50.

Who the hell wants to age gracefully?


How can Vimala help me?

  • Vimala brings logic to your emotions

  • Vimala solves issues with accessible actions

  • Vimala builds scenarios to have you understand your perspective from multiple dimensions

  • Vimala helps you connect to your gut intelligence

  • Vimala helps you energize your four-dimensional soul that consists of the mind, body, heart, and gut

  • Vimala helps you create balance and alignment in your personal, professional and social life

Why I’m glad

I’m a Late Bloomer?

I see myself as a late bloomer. I sincerely dedicated myself to the practice of self -love when I was 37 years old. I stopped being a people-pleaser & I started to re-connect with the wholeness of who I was. I healed the stories that told me who I “should be” so I can build the life I want.

I was an English News Presenter at the age of 37 in a popular Television Channel which was my childhood dream. I didn’t complete my MBA. until I was 45 years old, now a double post graduate added to my MSW. I won my Mrs. Bangalore Superwoman 2019 crown when I was 50. I did my NLP Life Coach Certification when I was 51 and I quit my job at 52 to start my Freedompreneur journey — thanks to Covid.

Now I help other ambitious women take those same steps from confusion to clarity! With my life coaching certification from Vikram Dhar -NLP Coaching Academy, and over thirty years of Corporate Coaching and training experience, I help women like yourself get results!

Did I mention certification? Yep, it’s not only important to connect with someone who understands where you are at in your journey, you want to make sure you are working with someone who is educated with the right tools to get you results! That someone who can teach you those same tools so you have them in your toolbox for the future

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Testimonials / What My Client Say

Vimala’s coaching has been incredibly powerful in helping me make decision in my life. I can honestly say that working with Vimala has literally changed my life. She found ways to ground me and enable me to gain clarity in my thinking. She taught me how to be present, and from that point helped me to listen to and act on my intuition.

Seema Mathews

Vimala, your faith on me that the answer was within me was unshakeable and your questioning and coaching has been supportive, caring and challenging. I would immediately recommend her to anyone looking to live an authentic, spiritual and fulfilled life


"Thanks a lot Vimala. It means a lot dear. Your coaching put me in the right direction and helped me to introspect and work. Thank you so much".





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