Creating a Marriage Story

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“Relationship skills do not come naturally. We are not born with the relationship skills we need. They must be taught and practiced, just as language, cooking or math skills must be taught and practiced.”



Pre-marital Skills

I created this course because I’m passionate about seeing couples be more prepared than we were. Studies have proven that couples who engage with premarital courses are better equipped with the right tools for a Mindful Marriage.

Healing Your Childhood Wounds For Your Marriage

Healing of childhood wounds comes from processing painful memories that have not been fully processed.

One-One Coaching

Schedule  a free consultation so that we can determine if you, your spouse, and The Premarital Architect will make a good team.


The child-parent relationship has a major influence on most aspects of child development.
Learn ways To Be an Awesome Parent: Good Parenting Skills

How I can help you be happier

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For Unmarried Young Men & Women, Engaged Couple and New Married 

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Stage Shows
& Talks

For Any Stage Shows & Talks on Pre-Marital Education – In Schools, Colleges & Corporates. Any stage / audience where Pre-marital Orientation is required.

About me

I’m an NLP Certified Pre-Marital Architect

I’m Vimala Rane, mother of 2 lovely daughters, wife of a wonderful husband & Title Winner of Mrs. Superwoman, Bangalore 2019

Happy Clients

Hello Vimala Mam

I have contacted you for a specific issue about me. Whereas, you had digged more into the origin of the issue and brought out new insights to the problem. And, the solution you made is not just the issue but taken to a more broader and higher level. That’s a phenomenal thing. By keeping it clear to the purpose, the way forward is also clear. Thanks Vimala mam for such a wonderful session.

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